Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Animals do have a sense of humor

I do believe this beaver is laughing at me, not only once, but several times as it walked in front of the camera. Not sure why, but after a closer look at the photo, I started laughing myself. What a fool I am, all the work to hide the camera and you can see why it was laughing.

It might be difficult to find what I was laughing about, so this is a photo during the day of geese where you can see in the bottom right corner my glasses that I forgot and left on the rocks. Glad nobody walked by and saw them, I know they would have found the camera if they had picked them up. Dont' think they would have taken the camera but they certainly would have taken a few photos.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Garter snake swallowing a fish

Not a trail camera photo but had too open up a game cam and use the camera to photograph this Garter snake coming out of the water with what looks like a young salmon or steehead smolt. It was fantastic to watch the snake straighten it's body out and then pull back into a coil real fast to litterly throw the fish back about 6 inches at a time as it was wanting to get to the safety of its den to swallow the fish. I wanted to watch it swallow the entire fish but the snake had other plans.

The photo was taken while I walked in to check several cameras by the river for otter.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Otter landing setup on the river

The darn otter was too fast and only got it's tail again, even with my quickest camera. But had 212 photos of geese, a Blue Heron, a robin, beaver and a hail storm.

I'll give you the goose family today or else I won't have anything to show later.

Here's one of a goose swimming up river about 20 feet away from the camera. I did crop the photo for it to show up better.