Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tree falling

Found a good location where a beaver is wearing its teeth down.  I don't believe they are trying to fall the trees but just wear their teeth down , if they grow too long they can become unable to open their mouth far enough to eat.  Fir trees are not their main diet, they mainly like cottonwood and eat lots of small bushes, grass and roots.

I aimed the camera at this tree because it was the most recent one that had been chewed on.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Otter log

I found some fresh sign of where an otter rolled in the sand and then played on the log.  I wasn't quite sure what was going on, so I placed a camera to find out if it was a one time thing or something they frequently.  I have been by this place on many occasions and never seen this type of activity before.

I was surprised to have this male otter stay on the log for 26 pictures and not bothered by the camera.  I left the camera there and checked it today, seems most of the otter stop and play when passing by so I set the Canon Rebel up and hope they pass through again within the next several days.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

A learning day of checking my trail cameras

I had eight cameras set in good locations that had been out a week so was excited to have a cool morning for the 5 mile hike.  That didn't last long, out of the 8 cameras only three had pictures, the other five I had either not turned on or the batteries were dead.  My learning curve had dropped a lot over the last sure to double check batteries and switches before leaving the camera.

I did move two cameras to new locations, one to a trail that otter use to bypass a log jam on a small creek. I believe the otter are still up in a pond and this creek is used to get back to the river, where they teach the young the ways of the river.

The other camera was my Canon Rebel that I aimed at a log and stump to test the depth of focus and field of view when set in manual focus. Been a while since I set out the Canon and took 20 pictures of myself and the surrounding area while setting it up, I have it set on five pictures on each trigger of the sensor and it is a very fast sensor.  After all that I wasn't willing to take it down and delete the pictures, it had a large card and maybe the pictures I took was a good test.

 This shows the well used path that leaves the creek to bypass the log jam.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Otter Den photos

This was a first for me, I've seen many otter dens but never a place for a camera.  It looks like two pups coming out of the den, plus the female and did get one photo that could have been a male.  The males at times are allowed to help raise the young for a while.

                                                          Coming back to the den.

                                              One pup our and the other is peaking out.

                                                                     Getting brave.

This was the only time I had pictures of the otter, the next time I checked the camera was five days later and they had moved.  The pups are old enough to fish in the river and there's plenty of steelhead for food. It was almost a once in a lifetime photo shoot.