Thursday, May 09, 2013

A learning day of checking my trail cameras

I had eight cameras set in good locations that had been out a week so was excited to have a cool morning for the 5 mile hike.  That didn't last long, out of the 8 cameras only three had pictures, the other five I had either not turned on or the batteries were dead.  My learning curve had dropped a lot over the last sure to double check batteries and switches before leaving the camera.

I did move two cameras to new locations, one to a trail that otter use to bypass a log jam on a small creek. I believe the otter are still up in a pond and this creek is used to get back to the river, where they teach the young the ways of the river.

The other camera was my Canon Rebel that I aimed at a log and stump to test the depth of focus and field of view when set in manual focus. Been a while since I set out the Canon and took 20 pictures of myself and the surrounding area while setting it up, I have it set on five pictures on each trigger of the sensor and it is a very fast sensor.  After all that I wasn't willing to take it down and delete the pictures, it had a large card and maybe the pictures I took was a good test.

 This shows the well used path that leaves the creek to bypass the log jam.


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