Sunday, April 24, 2011

Smart Bears

This camera was setup for bobcats, raccoons and other small animals that walk the log. I set a camera up in this location several times a year and has been very productive, plus I like the background.

I have never gotten a bear photo here and this area does not have many bear, in fact I have only 3 bear pictures in this 5 square mile area in 10 years since the timber company started killing the bears because of their damage to the trees, they since have stopped that practice.

On this checking I had photos of a bear and two last year cubs on a camera that was 1/4 mile from this location, as I always do, I walk from camera to camera across country and don't follow any particular trail, this is to avoid any person from finding my cameras. This bear followed my scent from the first camera and these photos are of it climbing onto the log and sniffing the area. At times I will remove leaves and some limbs that might distract from the picture or like leaves reflect the flash at night.

I'm sure this is one of her last years cubs, the other one must have taken an easier path.