Thursday, November 17, 2011

Knowing the speed of your camera helps !!!

I use different sensor boards to fine tune the speed of the camera on the first picture, then I use the different locations to my advantage to center the animal. This works well with logs and locations where one or two pictures a week would be great. This helps to not miss a great photo, sometimes. In this setting I use a slower setup because of the narrow log and some trees on the left side that will slow the animal down before getting centered in the picture, I even walked the log to get the timing just right for a predator or a deer.

Because of this first picture I knew the camera was too slow, just couldn't believe the deer would have went faster than a walk across this narrow log. With that in mind, I went with a faster setup in the same location.

This next photo shows the frustration that goes with this hobby. If a grown man gets mad, stomps the ground and yells loud in the woods, and nobbody hears this, does it really happen?

A close up of what appears to be a 4x4 buck just starting into the picture, my slower camera would have been perfect timing.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Still a few big Blacktail bucks around.

Finally had some extra time to set out a few cameras for deer, been busy trying to catch up on work around the house before the wet weather. I have some favorite locations for bucks this time of the year and they paid off in just one week. I also spend more time hiding my camera when setting them out for bucks, nothing worse than getting the picture with the deer looking at the camera at night, just too much glare in the eyes for a good photo.

This 4x4 was a great catch and never had a clue of the camera, never stayed around for a second picture either.

Set the camera up in another good location but forgot to trim the ferns, and as luck would have it, they blocked part of the head and antlers but still a nice buck.