Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wooduck and babies going to the pond

Still trying for some otter pictures on this spillway between 2 ponds. Set two long 1/2 inch pieces of water pipe into the mud, then used a rod bracket to slide into the pipe to get the camera high enough for a good view of whatever uses the spillway. This female wooduck and babies were climbing up the rough incline to get to the upper pond. The babies are very hard to see, but I counted 11.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bobcat on a different log

This is the location I moved the camera to that had been on the rock. Got a nice bobcat walking the log and this is only 20 feet from the rock, but never used any scent. Think might bring in the Nikon with the remote flash and try for a high end bobcat picture. Takes quite a while to set up the Nikon but well worth it.
I set the camera lower to get a different look and make sure the cat never knew the camera was there.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Raccoon on the rock

I used a 1 gig card in the camera and this photo and one of a possum were the only ones worth keeping. I had 360 pictures, mostly of a mouse running back and forth on the rock so I moved the camera to a different location with less chance of mice and smaller rodents.
I liked the picture and wish it had been a bobcat, but might try again with a different type of scent.

Monday, May 05, 2008

New location for bobcat

Will be trying out a different kind of scent to check on how it works. Placed some on a rocky outcrop in the timber where I have gotten bobat pictures in the past in hopes to lure one off the main trail to this better location.

I placed an X where I put the scent, the log on the far right is the main trail and I have many pictures of bobcats, coyotes, possums and a bear on that log. When trying scent it is best to place it near a trail you think bobcats travel and try to get them to come to the scent. This location is perfect, as it is close to a well used trail and it makes an animal work to get to the scent.