Thursday, September 08, 2011

Vandal tries to destroy one of my cameras

I had 2 cameras aimed at a well used otter log and I didn't realize the the farther camera had the closer one in its field of view, this was fortunate because I ended up with a good picture as the camera was being vandalized. I had forgotten to turn on the camera that was vandalized so missed some good pictures.

I showed the photos to our local police officer and wanted quick action to apprehend this vandal that I believed was still in the area and a night search would be best. Can't print what the officer said to me, but made me believe it wasn't going to happen...

This picture shows the vandal spotting the camera.

Vandal attacking the camera...

Cropped to show a better view ...

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Not much of for security, but not even a shoe lace to help out here.

Had enough nylon twine to tie up all my cameras when I left the house, but had to use two on one camera which left me one short. After a 4 mile walk in I wasn't about to carry a camera back out, so did what anyone would do and improvise.

This was on the river for an otter set, but think we need a good rain to bring the otter out of the pond and down to the river. Most of the salmon are waiting for a rain before heading up to spawn and it doesn't look like rain for a while.

Here's what the picture should look like but the stick on the uphill side looks like it might be too close and be in the photo.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Looks like a little romance with the Otter

First camera I had set on this pond was a failure and the otter played underneath the camera without getting one photo, so I placed another one aimed down at the opening they used to play on the mossy log. Nice day pictures of a male and female playing and resting, they will be leaving the pond in a few days and head for the river where the salmon are finally heading up stream to spawn.

You can tell which is the male by the width at the base of the tail, the male is much wider than the female.

The male is resting in the sunny moss, what a life in this secluded pond. This is my goal, to catch animals in their natural daily activities.