Monday, June 10, 2013

Update on Mouse cam

Pleased with the 380 for the close work for mice, I do need to set the camera back about 6 inches for better focus, but did get a few critters.  I'm not up on my species of field mice but do know one is a shrew.  I enjoy checking this camera, it's an older model but takes good pictures plus the flash and speed to take a photo work great for this type of setting.

I cropped the pictures to give a better look of these small creatures that live in their grass world.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Field mice camera

Several years ago I set a camera out for field mice and was well pleased with the results, so I built a camera that I hope works as well for close pictures of a fast critter.  I used an older Olympus 380 that has a switch on the front for macro up close and is a quick camera.  It does well on pictures at less than a foot and hope the flash isn't to much for that distance.

More or less a trial and error method for the first few weeks and hope the elk don't stomp the camera into the ground, they are very rough on cameras.

It's a well used trail that runs in a zig zag pattern in front of the camera. That should slow anything down for the camera to work, but I can always go back to the first camera I used in a pinch.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Nature of a Bear

Seems it's just in the blood of a bear to never see a camera it didn't like.

Closer look and then bites the camera.  Camera came out fine with only some bite and claw marks.