Thursday, November 13, 2008

Test picture for a closeup of a bobcat

The plan for this setup is to get a picture of a bobcat looking into the camera from a distance of a foot. They have to step over this small tree as they walk the larger log, the same location I got the blurry bobcat pictures, then spot the camera and smile. I have a 50/50 chance of getting the head or tail if it's walking the wrong direction and was glad the young "possum"walked the log first so I can change the focus to .5 meters. It might take a while to get the photo of the bobcat so I need to have the settings correct on the first pass.The Opossum turned out nice but I want a sharper head shot of the bobcat to show the markings.

On another note, when checking my cameras today after the heavy rains and flooding, I was crossing a swamp and got my boot stuck in the mud, jerked my foot out of the boot, lost my balance and walked around without my boot knee deep in mud. By the time I found my boot the area looked like an elk wallow.


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