Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scent test using cougar urine for an attractant

Often I have been offered a chance to test different kinds of scents to see if they work as advertised. This time it was a bottle of cougar urine and it was claimed to attract cougars and had a warning on the label that stated, this scent will frighten away all animals, such as deer for a long period of time, so be careful in its use.

I used the entire bottle on a tree in a location that has plenty of deer and elk with an occasional cougar passing through, mainly to test it for deer as a repellant. I did this because I wasn't sure it was cougar urine (had my doubts on just how someone would collect cougar urine) so the easiest test was to see if deer would stay away from the area.

I checked the camera after 5 days and low and behold I had 12 pictures of deer sniffing at the tree and several young bucks that seemed to get excited and urinated on the ground around the tree. I will check the camera later this week, it might be a good deer attractant.


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too funny!


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