Saturday, October 25, 2008

Elk by the scent tree

The cougar urine scent on the tree doesn't seem to bother any animal and that follows everything I've learned about animals, that's why I never worry about my scent when checking the trail cameras twice a week. I have yet to see an animal change its pattern or habits because of human scent or a trail camera and that goes for most of the scents I've tested as well.

This wasn't my best way to test scent because the trail is next to the tree, normally I will use the scent about 12 feet off the main trail to get the animal to search for the scent. This would be the better test, but I was checking to see if the advertisement was correct that it would frighten the deer and elk, it certainly failed this test.


At 1:28 PM, Blogger Jesse said...

Cliff, good to meet you this am, and thanks a bunch for the tips. This is really interesting, and quite informative. There are so many different scents on the market for hunters and I always wonder... hmmm, cougar urine huh?


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