Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Does human scent or a game camera flash change a bobcats habits

This question has been debated for some time now, so I went back through all my bobcat photos just for the last 5 years looking for evidence. I was amazed at the number of bobcat pictures taken during this time, and not one picture showed a problem of a cat bothered by the camera, the flash or my scent around the area. I have photos that show up to 6 pictures in a series of the same bobcat, some of the cats walking or sneaking up on the camera after the first photo was taken and many where the bobcat ignored the camera and kept walking.

This picture is a good example showing a bobcat never changing its trail, even when I tried my best to get it to walk closer to the camera. I can set my cameras up on the same trails or logs year after year and get bobcat photos.

The bobcat in the photo always walked in the sand behind the alder tree, it was a good location because the tracks showed up well in the soft sand but sometimes the tree ruined a good picture. So I layed limbs across the trail so it would use the main deer trail between the tree and the camera, much to my suprise it never changed and continued to walk the same path. I finally moved the camera down the trail farther to a better location, but still on its tracks.


At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use a sony 7meg setup and it is fantastic. My cameras are in central idaho 8 miles from nearest road. have some great lion, bear and Bull elk photos from this october . How can I attach them for your review? My flash is a little too powerful for close up but wanted to ask you about any experience with diffusers and also wanted to see if you had ever considered video. Dec to May is my best time for lions and was considering doing video as well.
Matthew Deren

At 11:14 PM, Blogger cliff said...

Matthew, got the pictures and they are fantastic, love the elk.

Checked the pictures that had eye glare and that is quite common when the animal looks at the camera. Your using a Sony W5 which I haven't used yet, but they take very good pictures, is yours set in auto setting or program. It does make a difference on the amount of flash used by the camera on close pictures. I use auto on my Sony S600 and it works good on close shots. I'll keep checking on the forums to see how everyone else sets the W5.


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