Saturday, December 13, 2008

Buck without horns?

I've studied these two photographs for hours trying to rule out every possible answer that they are not the same deer, but nothing works. From the scent glands on the buck I would guess the antlers would show above the ears, but I have cropped that photo and can find nothing that looks like antlers.

The photo of the first deer, which has a face resembling a buck but no antlers, and the second photo taken 10 seconds later of a buck walking away without any sign of antlers. This setup is a Sony 600 using a Snapshotsniper board set on double picture mode. It takes the first picture and then a second picture will be taken automatically in 10 seconds. There is not enough time for it to be a different deer.

If the first picture was a doe and it walked straight across the trail, and a buck was following her, why would it not follow but turn and walk down the trail? If the first deer walked straight away from the camera and down the trail I would have gotten at least one more photo just about where the buck is walking. These were the last two photos taken with the camera and all photos were in sets of two pictures.

Any answers?


At 10:35 AM, Blogger Chase Davis said...

I know that bucks loose their antlers after the rut, sometimes in December but usually in late January.


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