Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The best game camera

I've read many articles and seen debates on different forums on the subject, "what makes the best game or trail camera". I'm sure this subject could be debated for years without a perfect answer.

I build my own game cameras and normally use the Sony P41 camera because of the dependablity, quality of picture and the ease of building. I do use different sensor boards which gives me the option of adjusting the speed of the first picture and how quick the second picture is taken. It seems everyone wants speed for the first photo when using on trails, I also agree, but in certain locations I want to give the animal more time to get in front of the camera of get more than one animal in the picture, as with otter.

In the previous post of the coyote I used a setup where the board is slower to give the coyote time to get in the middle of the picture and it worked great. The coyote was a plus because this setup was set for otter and needed more time to get the family in front of the camera. A faster camera would have triggered to soon. So if your game camera is a little slow, try to use it to its advantage. A little farther from the trail, angled down the trail or a location where speed is not needed.
The plan doesn't work all the time and this photo shows what can happen when an otter comes out of the water on a run and just leaves a water trail across the picture, then is probably sitting out of view laughing.

My opinion for the best game or trail camera is to get lots of them so you can take advantage of every situation and most any animal. Slow cameras work great for birds, aimed at stumps and logs where you know the animal will stand, feeders and bait stations. Just walk through the camera if it's set on a trail, then check the photo to see if your in the center of the picture, remember that at night most animals walk at a slower pace.

Good luck and have fun with your cameras, remember that not every picture is a winner.



At 2:57 PM, Blogger BillA said...

How fast can a game camera snap a photo? Could you have caught the otter on the run if needed? There are other reasons to have quick snap times for animals on the run. Is it possible to catch an animal on the run through the field of the game camera?

At 6:03 PM, Blogger cliff said...

The answer is yes you can catch most animals on the run. If the trail or animal is 10 feet from the camera the field of view should be around 12 feet wide. This is enough for otter and deer using a Sony P41 and a wide angle lens on the board. The 41 is a 1.5 second camera.

The only problem is if an animal is walking slow you might just get it's head on the first picture and it will be gone in the next. It's kind of a hit or miss situation when setting the camera close.


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