Monday, February 01, 2010

Time for beaver valley

The weather is warming up so I hit the creeks and my favorite beaver dams to check out all the new construction. Seems the population has doubled in the small creeks and lots of activity, from falling and logging trees to repairing and raising most of the dams. Set a couple of cameras on the spillways over the dams and some aimed at trees their falling.

Also took my Flip movie camera with me and took videos of one of the dams, then made a snapshot from the video.


At 6:39 AM, Blogger KB said...

May I ask a silly question? Partly due to your blog, I've really gotten into my wildlife cams. I don't use bait but I use your method. I look for animal signs, and then I rig up a camera to find out if my interpretation of the signs is right.

I've been on a bobcat kick. But, I keep finding bobcat scent posts with nothing nearby to attach a camera. I can't carry anything heavy as my own attachment post (just had neck surgery). Do you have any clever tricks?

BTW, I happened upon a fresh killed deer carcass, and mounted two cameras by it. I got more than 400 photos of a lion. Some of them are in video form over at my blog. If you click on the lion photos in the right sidebar, they'll lead you to the posts with the video montages. I'm still working on a 'documentary' type video montage that includes all 400 photos but it's taking a long time to put together.

Thanks for the inspiration for a really intriguing hobby!


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