Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Water Shrew trail camera location

Well, I hurried and was able to get a camera ready to set out for the water shrew, I was worried it would move on to a different location or became food for another animal. It was a long walk just to check the camera on the creek and set this one upstream about 30 feet aimed over a small pool of deep water. Took over 15 minutes to get everything aimed and the rod holding the camera solid in the ground.

I just shut the camera off that was aimed at the creek and would check it on the way out. After looking at the photos on the camera I wasn't too excited about getting my water shrew photo. All I can hope for now is for a large family of water shrews.

I tried to zoom in on the Barred Owl to make sure it was a shrew and it sure looks like one, there are cuthroat trout in the deeper holes that try and avoid the shallow water but it doesn't look like a trout.


At 11:11 AM, Blogger Camera Trap Codger said...

Great adventure, Cliff. At least you found where the barred owl bathes, and the shrew will cruise by soon. Keep us posted and good luck for something new and exciting.


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