Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Very productive game trail

So far I have gotten deer, elk, coyote, bear and now a bobcat on this trail that crosses a small creek. I had the camera set a little farther back from the trail than I normally do so I wouldn't miss an elk, this makes it difficult to get a close picture of smaller predators but still lets you see what passes by.

I'll move in a camera in a couple weeks and set it up low to the ground and get the smaller animals as they cross the swamp. I can also follow the trail and find different locations for the same animals. Problem is once the trail crosses the creek the animals go in all directions using many trails. So when in a new area the best way to cover with just a few cameras is to walk down the creeks and set the cameras on the best used trails that cross the creek, plus if aimed at the creek you will also get all the animals that go up and down the creek, like otter, raccoons and mink.


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