Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Canadian goose nesting

Began my study of the life and problems of a Canadian goose while nesting. It's a great location on a log with water surrounding all 4 sides and the sun behind the camera for good lighting. I wait till the goose is off the nest before checking the camera, which amounts to some long waits but well worth the trouble.

I started with one camera set on 5 minute delay but with advise from others I changed it to one minute and now have two cameras facing the nest. The first is a Sony S600 and mainly for night pictures and then I set the Nikon D100 on day only to get some high quality closeups of action on the nest. The Nikon will take a picture every 3 seconds on movement so might have to get a 4 gig card to hold all the pictures when it starts to incubate the eggs. I counted 6 eggs in the nest when I set up the first camera. Will update this project as I get more information.


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