Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tips for game camera photos of ducks

I have thousands of duck pictures on ponds and one thing I have learned is to photograph the ducks less than 8 feet from the camera. Seems anything farther, like over open water doesn't show the duck well enough. You also need some colorful background, both can be achieved by setting the camera on a narrow channel by the main pond. I never use bait for any animal including ducks, because I like a natural look as they swim past the camera. Lighting is another big problem, I do my best to get good lighting but I have an advantage in Washington where it is mostly cloudy and overcast to reduce the bright sunlight.

A hen woodduck with the log 6 feet from the camera using an Olympus 380.

A goose swimming between two ponds using a narrow channel. Not easy to stay dry while making these setups and the risk is great of dew getting on the lens, but well worth the few good photos you are able to obtain.


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