Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Best way to set up a trail camera

This is the way I set up all my trail or game cameras. Find the animal you want to photograph and the trail it uses, then locate the best background to show the animal, setup the camera and with a different camera take a picture by holding the extra camera up against the trail cam to show the picture you will get and look at it to see if any changes need to be done.

For smaller animals you need the camera set low and to make sure it gets the entire body up close. Try to keep the sun behind the camera and shadows to a minimum. Hide the camera so the animal won't see it as it walks in front of the camera from the sides. I will show two pictures of todays setup for predators, bobcats and coyotes. The one with my hat is the view from the trail camera using a different camera for aiming. The second is showing the setup and how I hide the camera in the brush so it's hid from the approaching animal. On this setup I did set the camera lower than the trail for a better angle.


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