Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Low to the ground game camera setup

A lot of the time I set my cameras very low to the ground, about 12 inches or so, to get a different look of animals. For smaller predators and birds this angle can give a better look than if the trail camera is higher and looking down. A couple of problems you might run across is the ground cover, like grass and shrubs and the refection of the flash from these same objects.

I reduce the flash and try to cut or clip the grass and ferns that might be in the way enough to change the focus. This is a bobcat walking away from the camera as seen from grass level. This type of setup is also easy to use for deer and larger animals and gives a large field of view.


At 1:18 PM, Blogger marty said...

I purchased a digital game camera a few months ago.
After finding your web site (what caught my eye is I live in Graham and go through Castle Rock all the time on my way to fishing the Columbia)and learning some tricks from you, I have got photos of deer, rabbits, possums, of course squirrels and steller jays ect. After three months finally a coyote.
All of these pictures have been shot on my property on the same game trail.
I was wondering where I could purchase A calandar from you?

At 3:41 PM, Blogger cliff said...

Sounds like your doing a good job of setting up the camera to get all those animals in the same location.

I used to race flat track in Graham back in the 60's.

I'm working on my 08 calendars now and will let you know when there ready. Have a couple of 07's left if you want to e-mail me at:


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